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About us

Newpsochem is a trading and service company of Bilbaina de Alquitranes. It was established to achieve positioning and diversification in the special tar business area.

We are a company with an international vocation. We currently sell products on 5 continents, reaching all markets, Asian (Thailand, China, India, etc.), American (both North and South), European, etc.

Our customers range in size from large corporations such as PPG Paints, SIGMA Paints, CMCI, etc. to local distributors in many countries.

Special tars are a family of non-standard products used as raw material in various sectors, such as waterproofing, painting, coating, etc. each with specific and different requirements.

Newpsochem produces a wide range of special tars adapted to the needs of each client’s productive process. We have a wide range of standard products and we also work under specific requirements according to the final application.

The company has a R&D department working together with clients in order to adapt the products to their needs.

We focus on a highly atomized market in which the use is very limited, depending on the application. In this regard, we work to order, without periodic framework contracts.

Moreover, our marketing channel is also different, as it combines direct sale to the end user with the sale to distributors, who in turn break up the lots and distribute the drums to the end user.

Each client’s specific requirements result in small lots, between 5 and 18 MT maximum, packed in 225 kg drums, IBC (1 MT) or 25 MT tanks.

Newpsochem aims at improving operating efficiency in the logistics services by concentrating this task within the group. The purpose is to seek greater efficiency and effectiveness in this area of our business that has such a considerable impact on marketing.

Newpsochem’s logistics and ancillary services are intended for both new products as well as the traditional products marketed by Bilbaina de Alquitranes, exploring alliances and collaboration with logistics operators and other competitors in order to generate synergies and economy of scale.